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A New Toy


I recently flew home from seeing my folks in the Cape Town area, on my birthday I might add, and came home to a sparkling, shiny, oh so pretty,  new washing machine.  Yeehaa.  I’m loving it, its soooo quiet.  Unfortunately for my partner, every piece of clothing I see, dirty or not, is making its way into the machine.  My previous machine was temperamental, it would stop in the middle of a load or shake so much I was pretty sure I was going to find cracked tiles underneath it.  I not talking about a wee put baby to sleep shake, this was a gut wrenching, is it damaging the foundations shake.  Trust me, that machine had some very, very, colourful language directed at it, increasing my vocabulary extensively, and sending the dogs to hide under the study desk, too scared to venture back out.

Now, I have one that barely makes a sound during the spin cycle, that gleams and glitters.  No longer are the dogs afraid of me, and strangely enough, even my partner is happier when the washings getting done.

Its now playing a tune which is my cue to empty it. Now to find some more clothing to wash.  Hopefully I won’t have to start raiding the wardrobes for stuff.






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