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With flying back and forth to spend time with my parents, my routine is shot. I haven’t been going to gym, so this morning I decided it was time to get up and get at it.

WHAT WAS I THINKING??? I plead momentary insanity (more about that in another post). It must have been. Pressing, pulling, pushing. Treadmilling, rowing, stepping. Total forgetness that I’m over 50 and haven’t exercised for around 6 weeks. That I can’t go gungho at it without paying for it. And boy, am I paying.  If it’s on or in my body it hurts.

It wasn’t like this earlier while I was still at the gym.  Oh no, then I felt great.  All I had was that muscle ache that one gets, that was it.  Probably explains why I’m now suffering.  I got so wrapped up in the whole ‘I feel great’ stage I forgot that my muscles where stiff.  I felt ‘so great’ that I went straight to a pilates class afterward.  Yeah yeah I know, ‘What was she thinking’.  I wasn’t.  That’s for sure.

Now I’m sitting here, laptop on my lap, thinking how heavy it feels on my legs, how my hamstrings ache like crazy,  I have stomach muscles that hurt and I didn’t even know some of them existed.  So, I shall go to gym again tomorrow, and take it a bit easier.  Thursday I’ll go to yoga class.  And will  look forward to knowing that soon it won’t hurt as much.  That soon, I’ll be feeling fitter again, and my world will start to align again.  That I’ll soon feel like myself.

Or I can always spend the weekend in bed feeling sorry for myself.



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