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Dad and I


So, I spent 2 weeks with my dad.  Really strange for it to be just the 2 of us.  We had a great time, lots of adventuring.

We spent one of the days in Hermanus.  I’ve never been there.  Its a beautiful town, alas no whales at this time of year.

The drive back to Gordons Bay was wonderful.  Theres a stretch of several kilometres that has Proteas growing wild.  All shades from purple through to pink, and, white, never seen white ones before,  I felt like a child wandering through them, delighting in this wonderment of nature.

And my Dad’s doing well.  We had a small celebration of my mums life on the 31st May.  (It would’ve been their 54th wedding anniversary)  There was masses of laughter and some tears.  I loved listening to my dad talking about him and my mum when they were dating, and then the early years of their marriage.  Wonderful memories, that bring a smile and a tear.